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APPLICATION IN THE OPTIMIZATION AND CONTROL OF PROCESSES This is a practical application of the usefulness of the hydrodynamic flotation tools developed by Flottec and other researchers; which was worked in conjunction with a design of experiments (DoE) at the plant level, in addition to the support of mining companies, without which it would not be possible to carry out these works. There is no alternative text for this image. Using a Hold-up gas meter (εg) in the float cell, connected to a DCS in which the theoretical hydrodynamic equations were programmed, and using a DoE where the foaming dose was varied, feed air and foam height, it was established that these factors have an effect on hydrodynamic flotation variables and these in turn have an effect on metallurgical efficiency (Recovery and Concentrate Law) which could also be modeled. Therefore, knowing and measuring the hydrodynamic variables continuously allows adequate process control.